Tuesday, August 12, 2008

tittle? hmmm... still thinking...and babbling.. what's new?!

My private school clips are featured on journal modiste today..look in featured clothing..
for some reason wrong catagory
but non the less exciting!Also I have been having too much fun w/ this website that I found b/c of kristin aka GOCKSFROCKS.. lookie at jenna in NYC!!

actually here is jenna wearing GOCKS frocks..

hmmm what else.. the kids have been home.. CAMP is already over!!SO Not to much work getting done here..
BUT We have been having a blast.. gone to the county fair, the pool, the library.. putt putt.. tomorrow over to a puppet show at glen echo park.. I'm SUPER excited for that b/c I have an amazing custom skirt made by ellibeanskids for the occasion I will surley be taking pictures ..lets hope we dont have rain! and then off to the beach FRIDAY! I will try to post before.. xoxo's tanya


Kristen said...

she looks adorable!!! isn't that site addicting ;) glad I could contribute to your delinquency !

Beth said...

Great pics as always! I nominated you for a blog award!