Thursday, August 5, 2010


So.. yes I've been neglecting you I'm soo sorry! Summer is spent shutteling kids to camp and the pool..But here we are and it's nearly over! School days are just around te corner, what better time for a field trip!! And even better a FASHION FIELD TRIP!! Matilda Jane style!! I will be hosting a "virtual show" all you need to do is shop email me your "wish list" and your order will be placed! I am happy to assist you with any sizing or selections i myself am having issues crossing things OFF my list- LOVE this line! Did I metion tat I will be adding a special xoxotova hair fleur to ALL people attendinga nd ordering from my show!
Here are just a few of MY must haves
and here are some hair accessories in my etsy store that were made especially for this line!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hello Spring!

Sorry for being such a terrible blog writer the blizzards this winter REALLY slowed me down ( as far as blogging goes)... Anyway HERE i am and HAPPY SPRING! I am excited to be photographing my goodies on my sweet girl Jenna outdoors again! So we'll start here with one of my favorires Matilda Jane ! I've had so much fun designing hair accessories for her clothing! Here are just a few.. you can find them in my etsy shop!

and I must also share my sweet "Lucy " baby bloom.. made on the softest stretchy headband taht she wont even realize she is wearing!

Friday, November 20, 2009

SOme new MUST have SPARKLE..

HAD to share some holiday cheer.. some new additions to the xoxotova collection that you will LOVE! All available on ETSY!

And it would not be the holiday season with out some jewelry from baby's to bubbies A perfect keepsake and gift!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

new xoxotova and Some hip tips of the week..

On Etsy now!!. click the clips picture for link!
Hows this for a great deal..

Go thru ebates 4% back.. use coupon code "customerloyalty09" for 10%off and free shipping! the kids are 9.99 and mommy is 14.99 before all the discounts!

So that's it for now..but i'll be sharing my new goodies and more shortly!!!
xoxo tanya

Thursday, August 20, 2009


okay so i know it's August and 100 degrees out with 100% humidity BUT oh i love FALL and it's really just around the corner!! In my etsy store you will find made to match GAP .. and more..

Wanna be a "FALL DOLL" ?
I've just added these doll clips to my etsy store! they are the perfect accessory for any fall outfit!
Also added to my collection of hair goodies are the ever so poular pony o's!

**just about any clips you see can be made into pony o's at your request!

And wanna see some FUN FINDS and HIP TIPS to shopping?

first.. boutique TARJAY (target) lookie how cute!! beaded like lellikelli! and a pair just like morgan& milo! Comes in other colorways pink and brown, pink and hotpink!

and then... used a 15% code "summer" at check out and got free shipping on these sale boots..for jenna.. but make sure you also go through EBATES.. sign up here... got 8% back.. cost me 53.00 shipped and got 4.22 back in my ebates account!!! can i get a WHOOT! ebates has just about everywhere you wanna shop: nordstrom, bloomies, gap, boden.. and everything you buy you get a % back!!
What are you waiting for?? sign up!! click that here button!!

so it's been a shoe kinda week!! hmm other fun coupon codes this week..
jcrew CREWCUTS 20% off use code "cookie" and last but certainly not least..



write "i read your bloggity blog" in message to seller on etsy and i'll add a free pair of surprise clips to any orders over $20!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


My Absolute all time favorite show.. was the inspiration behind this super fun collection now on ebay! I remember rushing home from afternoon activities to make sure i was in front of the tv to see cindy in her perfect curly pony tails and i just loved that she had a cool room w/ her 2 sisters.. what was YOUR favorite episode? Leave me a comment and you just may WIN some thing from this fun collection! xoxo's

This was one of my most favorite launches , and a perfect time to wear this adorable dress made myon etsy.. stop by her shop where you will find so many cute one of a kind dresses / t's and even for the boys! My retro collection includes headbands clips and blinged barrettes that will for sure bring a WOW factor to any adorable wardrobe! xoxo's tanya

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Boutique Modeling!

Jenna had a great opportunity to model for one our MOST favorite designers courtneycourtney, on etsy. Not only are her designs adorable, but they are perfcet for play and everyday! And even better Jenna my picky pixie LOVES them!Here are some of our latest shoot!