Wednesday, December 17, 2008

new MOMMYgoodies!

just for us girls...
feeling creative in a nice and quiet house... here is what I made today...

stay tuned more to come....

Monday, December 8, 2008

My studio Space...

it's comming along... I'm still looking for a great table cloth and then i'll have plexiglass or glass made to cover the desk tops so I don't ruin it w/ my glue and goodies! When I get the whole room cleaned I'll take another pictutre but for now.. I'll just CROP out the mess!
BTW... did I mention that I still have fREE SHIPPING on ETSY thru the holidays? get your orders in now.. so they will make it in time..the cut off for guarenteed x-mas delivery will be Dec 12 for those that need shipping- for my local clients email me! xoxo's tanya

Monday, November 10, 2008


The weather this weekend was AMAZING! I love fall.. and these Amy Butler daisy chain skirts were just PERFECT to runaround in! They were made by thet talented Angela from Elliebeans on etsy.. She is not only super talented but super sweet - so be sure to check her out! I of couse can't resist beautiful fabric and made some yummy yummy hair goodies to match! I will have mine up on ETSY but you can always email me direct!
AND if you let me know you ready about it here on my blog.. you will receive FREE SHIPPING!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Time for some NEW posh velvety soft Clippies and more..

Just LOVING the way these turned out..
inspired by the talent of Heather Bailey and Amy Butler and their yummy fabric collections!..
All on etsy this week..
holiday clippies & bloom*band
click the pics to see in in my store..

The colors in this collection are yummy enough to eat!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

NEW clips on ETSY..

GAP BOHO HAVE you seen this LINE??!
totally HTH! Clips to
match on ETSY...just click the pic!
xoxo's stay tuned.. more to come...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

have you seen the new GASSY GOOMA LINE?

I got to do matchy matchy! They will be availanle in my etsy store! Jenna modeled for elliebeanskids this week..
she and I BOTH LOVED this super comfy cute knit dress!
and here is the boutique froggie SHE painted to model with her! Oh what fun that was!
And of course accessories to match that both dress and clips can be found on etsy.. just click thet pictures!

xoxo's tanya

Monday, September 22, 2008


first...This launch with the super talented

CLOVERGIRLS was so much fun and an EBAY MUST see
Here are some the clips I did to contribute..they match many of the other items listed.. Click that top collage logo for our listings!

And of course Glinda the GOOD WITCH...
just look at this beautiful set by
Chelsea aka Vintage.Chic.Boutique

also listed these...TOTALLY CUSTOM

I was also a guest with the talented girls of WISTERIA LANE...For this super fun BOOK launch I pared up withfrancoise one of my fello melimelo's and

Nicole aka Paradin *Around..Come Click the PICS and check us out!!


xoxo's tanya

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

FALL CLIPS... Oh so yummmmmy!

I had the wonderful opportunity to design clips to match the talented FRANCIOSE .. please check out her auction too!
and another fun euro set available in my etsy store...

These clips were inspired by a client

needing some yummy fall euro clippies...
Love the colors and the way they turned out!
They will be in my etsy store too!

And finally.. GYMBOREE.. and GAP... All will be available on ebay and or ETSY..

WHEW... that's it for now but just wait more on the way!!!!!! TOODLES!

Friday, September 5, 2008

YIPEEE!!! I'm a finalist!!!

Click on thet picture for the LINK to
VOTE for ME!!

i'm a finalist on

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

tittle? hmmm... still thinking...and babbling.. what's new?!

My private school clips are featured on journal modiste today..look in featured clothing..
for some reason wrong catagory
but non the less exciting!Also I have been having too much fun w/ this website that I found b/c of kristin aka GOCKSFROCKS.. lookie at jenna in NYC!!

actually here is jenna wearing GOCKS frocks..

hmmm what else.. the kids have been home.. CAMP is already over!!SO Not to much work getting done here..
BUT We have been having a blast.. gone to the county fair, the pool, the library.. putt putt.. tomorrow over to a puppet show at glen echo park.. I'm SUPER excited for that b/c I have an amazing custom skirt made by ellibeanskids for the occasion I will surley be taking pictures ..lets hope we dont have rain! and then off to the beach FRIDAY! I will try to post before.. xoxo's tanya

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

baby snapz!

my baby snaps have already made their debut on etsy.. but just got some new photo's back from a sweet model of mine that I just had to share.. is she not the sweetest ...look at that pucker!! come see more in my etsy shop

And while we're talkin' babies .. do you have a bald beauty?.. look at sweet baby marissa and sarah!

I cant get enough of those baby cheeks!! I made the headband to match and I just love these colors on the girls the outfits by HARMONYWEAR they can be found on etsy too!

Friday, July 25, 2008


Now Available on Etsy
BLOOMING BOW HOLDERS A perfect way to organize and display your hair pretties!

do you see that precious clothespin doll... she was made by artist freind SUSAN VAN HORN.. SHE is AMAZINGLY talented! Check her whimsical paintings and dolls on her BLOG!