Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A bit of History...

For those of you that diddn't know....
jewelry is actually what I started with back in '98... but could not photograpgh well to sell on line so I mostly sold locally. After having kids I had so many requests for baby bracelets and
mommy bracelets, my business was led in a different direction..
And then on to hair accessories (which actually I had been doing since the 80's when I made REALLY ugly bedazzled jeans and matching scrunchy's!!)
I can dig up some scanned pictures if you really wanna see!
Anyway.. Today was my last day teaching and I'm taking the summer off... hopefully leaving me some time to complete my studio makeover, and get back to creating my xoxotova*jewels! I am excited to bring you fun new fashion forward yet timeless pieces, always made w/ top quality findings and technique. My hair accessories, baby bracelets and mommy bracelets will still be available, but so will a the new line of

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